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A Summary of Available Online Casino Games

The online gamer at a virtual casino can enjoy the full array of games available in the traditional brick and mortar gaming establishment, thanks to the cutting edge developments of software companies which provide vivid graphical interfaces and lifelike virtual gaming experiences. From the poker table where a player enjoys all the visual references of the card game itself, as well as the avatar representations and “chat” capabilities with the other live players, to the interactive animated action of video slots or pokies, online casino games carry all the action and excitement of their traditional counterparts.

Online dice games available at nearly every internet casino include the ever-popular game of craps, in which players wager on the outcome of a single roll of a pair of dice, or a series of rolls, betting against the house with as many as forty different possible bets. Dating as far back as the Crusades, the basic game of craps has been enjoyed for centuries, but has evolved recently to the upscale environment of the casino with its felt-top table with its sectioned board where players place chips to indicate their bets on each roll. In the online environment, the simulated dice are controlled by software which generates random rolls exactly replicating the results of physically rolled dice.

Table games at an online casino include roulette, which you can easily find several versions of at Spin Palace, another game of long-standing popularity, and generally available in three variations, American, French, and British. A French game whose name means “small wheel,” Roulette consists of a wheel that is divided into equal slices, numbered zero through thirty-six, and alternating in colors of red and black. Play consists of spinning the wheel and putting a small white ball into play, circling the wheel and eventually coming to rest in one of the numbered sections. Players can place a number of different combinations of bets, wagering on where the ball will rest at the end of the spin; bets can be placed based on predictions of the ball’s final position, based on which color (red or black) the ball will land on, or whether it will land on an even or odd number, or a specific group of numbers.

Card games at online casinos include blackjack—in which players wager against the dealer on the outcome of each hand—and variations of poker. In the game of blackjack, the player’s goal is to draw cards adding up to (and without exceeding) a point total of twenty-one, and to beat the dealer’s hand in doing so. The dealer is constrained in ways the player isn’t, in that the dealer is required to continue drawing cards when the total is below a certain amount, while the player can choose at his or her own discretion.

Poker rooms at online casinos offer every style of poker game imaginable, from the ever-popular Texas Hold’em to Seven-Card Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo. Online players take a seat at a virtual poker table with live players from anywhere in the world, with whom they can chat during the course of play. Poker tournaments are available for registration around the clock, both in the form of pre-registered seats as well as “sit and go” tournaments which accept ongoing registrations and commence each new tournament as soon as the required number of players has registered. More information about wgering and limits at our poker limits site.

Undoubtedly the most popular form of casino play is the video slots, available in hundreds of variations. The basic premise of the slots game is a set of spinning reels containing various symbols, which combine in different groupings of different values with each spin by the player. In general, a row of matching symbols signals a payout to the player, but additional elements like “wild” symbols add intrigue to the game, and most video slots include bonus games (launched by the appearance of specific symbols or combinations), free spins, and supplementary ways to win. Video slots are designed with themes ranging from Marvel Comics superheroes (complete with animated action in bonus games) to movies (often featuring film clips with winning combinations) to fun vacation themes, cartoon themes, recreational themes, and topics to suit any player’s interests.

Whatever a gamer’s interests or skills, the online casino offers a game that will entertain and amuse!