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Any true fan of blackjack knows that there are several different blackjack styles. Each individual blackjack style is made up of different variations to the standard set of rules, and each rule change basically alters the potential payout rate, and the correct strategies of the game. If you want to play blackjack well, you need to identify the key aspects of the specific variation that you're playing, and adjust your strategies according to that information. If you are unable to do that, you will most likely never achieve a high payout rate, even if you're playing at the best online casinos.

One very popular style of blackjack is blackjack surrender. It is available at online casinos powered by Playtech software, such as EuroPalace Casino. The main aspect of this game, is that you're allowed to surrender in a number of circumstances, which allows you to improve your payout rate in a few key situations where you generally would be at a very large disadvantage. By minimizing these disadvantages through the surrender option, your overall payout increases. However, there's a trap that people tend to fall into where they surrender too frequently, sacrificing a lot of value at the same time.

Another example of a style of blackjack where you need to make adjustments is single-deck blackjack. As the name suggests, with this blackjack variation, only one deck of cards is used, and therefore you can make specific plays not only based on the total of your hand but the actual cards that are used to make your hand. While the deck is shuffled after each hand, there is still enough information to change how you play in a number of key situations, which is why single-deck blackjack offers the best payout rate of all the blackjack games out there.

One last variation of blackjack, is European blackjack. The main rule change for European blackjack is that the dealer never peeks for blackjack. Usually, if the dealer has an ace or ten and has peeked, you are told that they don't have blackjack when it comes your turn to make a decision. This means you don't have to worry about losing a double bet with a split or double as often. Make sure with this variation that you're careful about doubling or splitting against a ten or an ace.

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